Assign record owner to specific Team using Power Automate flow in Microsoft Dynamics CE (CRM)

Today we will be going over the steps how to assign owner to specific Team using Power Automate flow in Microsoft Dynamics CE (CRM).

I have the contact record and it is currently assigned to me as owner because I created this record.

I want to change its owner to a specific team but using a power automate flow.

The use case which I am using here is whenever the contact record is updated I want to assign that contact record to the specific team for review.

So I am creating a power automate flow which runs whenever the contact record is updated.

In order to move forward I am creating a new team.

Go to and click the setting button at the top right and select Advanced settings.

Select Security in the System as highlighted in below screenshot.

Select Teams as highlighted in below image.

Click New button at the top left corner to create a new team.

Provide details like Team name, business unit, administrator and team type and description and click on Save. It will create an new team named as Review Team.

Now we need to add the team members to the team.

Click on + button and type the user name to add a team members and how many members do you want to add in the team.

You can add as many team members as can in the same way.

Let get back to the point and create a power automate flow to run when the contact account is updated.

Go to your solution and Click New –> Automation –> Cloud flow –> Automated

Type the flow name as “Update a contact” and search for When a row is added,modified and select the action and click create.

Select Change type as Modified, Select Table name as Contacts and Scope as Business unit.

Click on New step and search for list rows and select list rows action, we will be finding out team through that action which we created in previous steps.

Select Table name as Teams and in Filter rows type name eq ‘Review Team’ to filter your team record.

Add another new step and search for Update a row action.

Select Table name as Contacts and in Row ID search for contacts and select the unique identifier Contact. (As shown in below screeshot)

Click on Show advanced options.

Go to owner field and click the text box and select Expression tab.

Write this expression in the expression box and click OK.
Expression : concat(‘teams(‘, first(outputs(‘List_rows’)?[‘body/value’])[‘teamid’],’)’)

Click on Save to save the power automate flow.

Now go back to the Contact record and update the contact record to check if it assigns it to the Review Team using power automate flow.

I typed Job Title field as Software Engineer and Save the record to update the contact.

Once the record is saved the power automate runs and assign the record to the Review Team.

Thank you for reading this article hope you find it useful.

Omar Iqbal

Technical Consultant


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